Permanent Make-up

Permanent Make-up/ Cosmetic tattooing – Lasting eyeliner, perfectly placed brows, luscious lips that will never smudge or smear. Feathering, Hairstrokes, and Microblading are the most popular eyebrow treatment all giving the same look and a more natural Eyebrow.

Brows Group

Permanent Make-up is used to improve appearance due to the effects of aging, diseases (such as alopecia totalis), and facial hair loss due to chemotherapy. It is also used to restore or enhance the breast’s areola, after breast surgery and can disguise scars and white spots in the skin such as in vitiligo.

Also known as cosmetic tattooing or micro-pigmentation, applying permanent make-up is a specialised cosmetic technique which uses fine tattooing to implant natural pigments into the skin, permanently enhancing the shape and colour of the skin.

Commonly applied to eyebrows, eyelids and lips the result produces a defined shape and richer colouring of the facial feature, in much the same way, eyeliner, brow liner and lipstick does.

Tattooing Removal is also available for small tattoos and old shaped eyebrows that need a freshen up and reshape.

Eyebrow – Hairstrokes/ Feathering permanent make-up.

4 Brows different shapes and colours

before and after

Before and After Hairstrokes feathering

Before and After Hairstrokes

Before and Straight after

Before After Settled

Before After Settled

Before Straight After

Before After

Before After

Before After

Brows_before_Hairstrokes2cropped  Brows_after_Hairstrokes2croped

Brows_before_Hairstrokes_crooped  Brows_after_Hairstrokes_cropped

G B Before Eyebrows G B After Eyebrows

Before Hairstrokes Straight After Hairstrokes

Before Hairstrokes After Hairstrokes

S L Before After Hairstrokes After

Before Hairstrokes After Hairstrokes

Before Hairstrokes After Hairstrokes

Before Hairstorkes After Hairstrokes

Before Hairstrokes After Hairstrokes

Eyebrow – softblend/block colour

before and after

Before Freshen up Block and EyelinerAfter Freshen up Block and Eyeliner

Before After

J S Before J S After

Freshen up Before Freshen up  Stright After

Brows_before_Block  Brows_after_Block

Freshen up and Touch ups

At Koosh we are very happy to help with any adjustments and colour changes.

Pre Freshen up Post Freshen up going  from Block to Hairstrokes

Pre Adjustment Freshen up Block

Freshen up Before Freshen up  Stright After

Before Eyeliner Freshen up Straight After Refresh

Before Freshen up Block and EyelinerAfter Freshen up Block and Eyeliner

Before Refresh After Refresh

Before 1st Appointment.jpg1 After 1st appt


Before and After Eyeliners

before and after

Eyeliner before

Upper Eyeliner after
Before Upper and Lower Eyeliner After Eyeliner
Before Freshen up Block and EyelinerAfter Freshen up Block and Eyeliner
Before Eyeliner Freshen upStraight After RefreshBefore After

Lip Liner/ Blush/ Full

Colouring Lips with Natural or with Coloured Pigment.  Pigment is placed into the lips either as a Lip Liner, Lip Blush which is the combination of Lip Liner and Blushing in the colour to have a 3D effect of pouting. Then you have a Full colour lip to adjust colour and shape to give a lovely full Lip.

before and after
Before Full Lip Straight after Full Lip

Natural Blush Lips Natural Blush Lips

Natural Lip Blush[/caption]

Nipple pigmentation

before and after

pre-pigmentation  post pigmentation

Tattooing removal & Freshen up or re-shaping

Using a fantastic product that is tattooed into the old pigment or ink and draws the colour out. It is one of the only true tattoo removal alternatives to laser, with the added benefits that it will remove all colours, needs less treatments than laser and is less painful and cost effective.

Then we can either re-shape or adjust the eyebrows. This product can be used in other areas but only in a concentrated small area. Price for removal is per treatment as it depends on time and amount of pigment or ink to be removed.


Stage ONE 1st Removal right

Removal and adjustment

Before 1st Removal 1 Week after 1st Removal 2nd Week after 1st Removal After First Removal 3 weeks Later

Before and after one treatment this was a three week process.

4 weeks after 1st Treatment

4 weeks after 1st Treatment

After Second Treatment Still healing

After Second Treatment Still healing

After 1st treatment

After 1st Treatment Healed

Before Removal

Before Tattooing Removal

Felicity is Internationally Certified (SPCP) American and uses the best and safest organic pigments from America the (FDA approved).

Specialty numbing products are applied to the treatment area to make the procedure as pain free as possible.  A high standard of hygiene is adhered to when preforming all treatments.