Eyebrows frame the face by placing the brow in the correct position, and will enhance the shape and balance of your face. Eyebrows are available in natural soft block colour or the fantastic new technique called Hairstrokes, Feathering, Micro blading or Embroidering.

Price List

Eyebrow Tidy$20
Eyebrows – Soft blend$500
$300 1st Visit
$200 2nd Visit
Eyebrows – Hair strokes$500
$300 1st Visit
$200 2nd Visit

Feathering, Hairstrokes, Softblock, Tattooed Eyebrows
All prices include touch up visit 4-8 weeks after first visit.
Consultation is deductible off price if procedure is undertaken.

Brows Shapes and Shades

4 Brows different shapes and colours

Before and After Hairstrokes feathering

Before and After Hairstrokes

Before and Straight after

Brows Before and After 1

Dannevirke palmy brows

Treatment – Freshen-up/ adjustmentPrice
Eyebrow – Soft blend/ Hairstrokes freshen-up
(First year existing clients)
Eyebrows – Soft Beland/ Hair stroke freshen-up$200-300

All prices are subject to change.
A non-refundable deposit of $100 per procedure is required on booking